Wonga Movie
The movie, “12 Portraits”, premiered on 4 November in the UK capital, London. The release followed the next day. Created with the objective of showing a sliver of modern British society, the movie features a look into the lives of individuals who have borrowed money from the digital finance company, Wonga.

The Idea behind the Movie
According to the director, Gary Tarn, “12 Portraits” explores the passions of 12 individuals with one thing in common: they are all Wonga customers. Apart from a credit at the end, the movie does not mention the company directly. Instead, it features the private lives of real people with no acting involved. They speak about their hobbies, work, family and other things that bring meaning to their lives. Viewers can discover the connection with the digital finance company when visiting openwonga.com. Throughout the production of “12 Portraits,” Tarn retained complete creative freedom and the company only received a copy of the movie once it was completed. He commented that the 30 minute long movie is quite profound.

Starring Real People 
The varied cast includes people that needed financial help for things like emergencies, educational supplements and small business cash flow. Deborah, a single mum, wanted to set up a franchise that offers haircuts to children in nursery schools and Lee, who runs his own cleaning firm, needed to cover travel costs to an important meeting that brought him a new contract. The stars of “12 Portraits” are all ordinary people living ordinary lives.
The movie can be watched online at openwonga.com where brief biographies of the customers are also available for perusal. Additionally, it will be screened in over 500 cinemas and partially televised on two television channels in the UK: Film 4 and Channel 4.

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