Wonga Stories
The respected and well-known British filmmaker, Gary Tarn, is spending his time behind the scenes at Wonga, the short-term lending company. He is in the process of making a film about British society today through the lens of the digital finance company's customers. His aim is to film an accurate representation of Wonga’s customers. As much as Wonga is in the news, the story of many of its borrowers - the 'silent majority' - has not yet been told. The twelve customers who stories will be told have volunteered to participate in the documentary. 

Tarn Tells Their Tale

Tarn is probably best known for his award winning film Black Sun, which is a documentary of the blind author named Hugues de Montalembert. People also remember him for The Prophet, which Thandie Newton, a UK actress, narrated. In this new documentary, 12 Portraits, Tarn gets into the lives of twelve Wonga customers to share and bring to the light a few of their experiences. The volunteer customers are not being remunerated and there is no script for them to read as they tell their tale. He will lead the viewer into their lives as they share why they took a short-term loan from Wonga and how it impacted them. Tarn, who has full creative control over the entire direction of the film, sees this is an important project that will accurately reflect modern Britain. He began filming 12 Portraits in July of this year and expects to finish by December.

Hearing the Silent Majority

In commenting on the film, Niall Wass, who serves as COO of Wonga, said that everyone hears the loud voices of the critics, but the majority of their clients, who are silent, should be heard as well. In fact, 90% of those on their million plus customer list would be willing to recommend the short term loan company to their families and friends.

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